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When is the best time to find deals

When is the best time to find deals? We all know that most industries, especially retail, have certain times of the year that you can find the better deals or sales. Auto detailing is no different. We have our share of times of the year when we may be able to offer you discounts or…

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It’s Very Common Thinking

It’s very common thinking of most people that the winter months are not a good time to do any exterior detailing. On the contrary…IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME! The elements that Colorado throws at your vehicle are numerous year around, but the chemicals used for ice and snow removal can do permanent damage to…

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Proper washing techniques

Proper washing techniques are extremely important to protecting your vehicles finish from scratches and the removal of whatever type of protective coating you have on there…from wax to ceramics. For a FREE copy of my car washing tips simply send an email request to 12/18/18

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