Fallout & Overspray Removal

Over spray occurs most commonly when paint is being sprayed in an area where you vehicle is. Sometimes it is carried by the wind, but even on calm days the mist still can float to your vehicle surface. In most cases, you can see the speckles of color on the surface right away. Other times you may only be able to feel it. You notice that you can't rub it off OR even wash it off. You probably realize it is on the glass and other surfaces besides the paint.

The common misunderstanding is that if the paint is washable with soap and water on your tools and hands, why is it not washable on your car? Because the clear coated finish of you vehicle is different. A chemical reaction takes place. As this reaction takes place, the paint gets even harder, and the harder the paint gets the more damage can be done. This can cause small pits where the paint speck was. The sooner you attack the problem, the less chance of damage to your finish. If you don’t get to it right away, that’s alright. Most of the time any damage that may occur can be fixed with our paint correction techniques.

The same is true with alot of air born fall out. You may just notice the rough surface of your finish while washing or waxing it, and it may not be paint. The fact of the matter is that there are hundreds of air born contaminates the can adhere to your vehicles surface that simple washing, polishing, waxing or even solvents can't remove. This is where we can help. We also have the ability to remove rail dust and other metal or iron contaminants. You may notice this sometimes as small orange spots on the paint.

A Auto Detail Service has a State of the Art process that will remove the paint or fallout overspray from your vehicles Exterior in the most complete and least detrimental way. We actually remove the paint or contaminate from the surface, rather than flatten it or work it into the finish by buffing. Heavy cutting compounds or polishes are not necessary unless damage from the overspray or fallout has occurred. Then you can trust our professional paint correction process to take care of that.

We have worked with Insurance Companies, Individuals and Contractors for years concerning this process. Quotes are done on a case by case basis since each job is different. We are happy to give you a Free Estimate of the cost and time involved.