At A Auto Detail Service, Restoration takes detailing to the next
level. In the detailing sense, it means taking your vehicle as is and returning it to as close to
new as possible without major body work, repainting, new carpet or upholstery and at a fraction of
the cost. Here are some of the restoration services we offer.

Ceramic Pro products are revolutionizing the car care industry. While others only offer waxes or
sealants to protect car surfaces that will eventually wear off, Ceramic Pro offers a permanent
protection for paint, alloy wheels, glass, rubber, plastic and leather, and is applicable to all
surfaces in the car industry.

Today, Ceramic Pro is trusted by top detailing and car care
professionals around the world. A Auto Detail is a Ceramic Pro certified installer.

Professional Chip and Scratch Repair is a process we use to fill in or remove deep scratches or chips. If we are
unable to remove it, we touch-up the spot by using a special new technology that puts the paint in
the chip or scratch only, without any excess around the edges, leaving a clean repair, at about one
third the price of auto body repair.

It is not glopped on like most touch-up paint jobs you see.
This is a great way to maintain any paint surface without repainting , or simply fix it to prepare
for sale or trade in.




Headlight Restoration is the process of restoring the plastic lenses on your headlights, or any of
your vehicles exterior lights. This includes scratched, oxidized, peeling, yellowing, dull or fogged

This is not some household remedy. Sometimes they can be dealt with by a machine polishing
process, while others will require a step down sanding process first.

Which process we use will depend on the extent of damage. A Auto Detail will then seal the lens and guarantee it for 1 year.

Red Dye Removal is a very unique process. Dyes from various drinks, food, etc., are often next to
impossible to remove. At A Auto Detail we have a proprietary process of doing just that without

This is not 100% successful. In those cases we can offer the dyeing option. We also offer
specialized removal of other difficult substances like ink, rust, crayon, gum, oil, tannin (coffee &
tea), etc.

Paint Correction (Machine Polishing or Buffing) is the process of how we correct your paint, or rather, your clear coat or
tint coat, from oxidation, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, flaws, defects as well as marring from any number of
things, such as bird droppings, sap or bugs, swirl marks, car washes, something rubbing against it,
hard water spots, acid rain, sodium and magnesium chloride and UV, etc.

This is sometimes referred to
as buffing or machine polishing and is generally done using either a rotary buffer or more recently,
large throw dual action orbital machines, along with a wide range of both old school and the most
advanced tools, pads and polishes.

Mark, the owner of A Auto Detail Service is nicknamed “The Buff
Specialist”. With 37+ years of experience, he has extensive knowledge of paint finishes as well as
the technology, tools and products to offer you both the best available and most cost effective
correction available.

Ceramic Pro Rain or Rain X For Glass - Wet Sanding has many types of uses. From
new paint finishing to remove flaws that occur during the painting process to deep scratch removal.

Also here at A Auto Detail it can be used when restoring a scratched and/or scuffed paint surface to
a mirror finish after years of neglect.

Hard Water Spot Removal From Glass - Here at A Auto Detail we
have a special process that we use to eliminate those pesky spots from your windows and mirrors that
window cleaners, steel wool and even razor blades can't remove. It is an inexpensive way to restore
the clear vision you deserve.

Carpet Dyeing - In some cases, your carpet may have stains that even
the most stringent cleaning will be unable to remove. Years of ground in dirt or oil, and even more
common, colored dyes from, for example, drinks or candy that do not always come out completely.

In these cases you may want to consider dyeing. With new technology we can now dye the carpet without
leaving it looking dyed or feeling stiff like other processes did in the past.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is an amazing and highly cost effective way to remove minor dents and dings from hail
damage, shopping carts, careless door opening, etc…Our PDR expert craftsman can leave your vehicle
looking like it never saw a parking lot or storm.

This process is performed by gently massaging the
dent from the backside of the panel to its original form. There is no heat, dry ice, or magnesium

Our talented and experienced technician is capable of removing a dent up to 3 feet in
diameter, and still achieve excellent results. And all at a fraction of auto body shop prices.

Leather, Vinyl, Plastic and Fabric - This process is awesome for tears, gouges, and burns. This can
also apply to worn, faded, sun bleached, and scratched or scuffed surfaces. The size of, the extent
of damage, the age and the location of the torn, burned or damaged area will determine whether it
can be repaired as well as the cost.

3M Clear Bras and Window Tinting essentially speaks for itself.
For those of you unfamiliar with clear bras; it is a process of putting on a clear laminate film
alternative to the black naugahyde bras of the past.

It comes in packages that cover the hood and
fenders only, to the bumper, headlights, mirrors, door handles, quarter panels, park lights and
virtually any vehicle surface that is at risk of rock damage.

Tape or Paint Pin Striping - We at A Auto
Detail can apply a wide variety of colors, widths and patterns. All of our tape is 3M, but we can
use other brands of tapes if you prefer. We are also able to remove most existing taped stripes
depending on age and condition.

Molding Replacement - Do you have old and faded moldings? Do you
have the fake chrome look moldings that are peeling? In most cases we can replace those with brand
new ones from the factory, depending on the age of the vehicle.

In some other cases we can replace
them with an after-market molding, at a fraction of the cost of factory. We will always be happy to
check your options and let you make the decision.

A Auto Detail also offers Odor Elimination and
Fall Out and Paint Overspray Removal. Each of which has a separate page dedicated to that service.